Vehicles we wish we had kept! Or at least got more money for them!

1950 Chevrolet 4 door Fleetside

This was my first car (1962).  Bright red with red and white interior.  Six cylinder with split manifold, three speed on the floor. Fuzzy dice on the rear view mirror. AM radio and listened to WLS out of Chicago every night. The good ole days?  Sold it for $125!!!


1966 Ford Mustang GT

Had this one the last couple of years in college. 289 V8 - 4 barrel, automatic.   White with black vinyl top. My first air conditioned car. Traded it in on a new 1969 LTD Ford. Probably got less than $2,000 on the trade!!!!! 

1968 Chevrolet Camaro RS

Not a very good picture, but this was a nice car.  It was white with blue top and interior. I bought this car around 1980 and paid $2,000.  Keep it a year and made the "mistake" of pricing it to the guy I bought it from - $3,000 and it took it.


A couple of Eric's Vehicles!

1973 Pontiac Firebird

Eric's First Car when he got his drivers license in 1986. Kept it for about a year.  Sold it for $1,750!!!!!


19?? Chevrolet S10

350 Chevy V8 - 4 barrel, competition cam, headers, transmission shift kit.  Removable top. Looked sharp - ran fast. Sold it for too little - $4,500.


More to come as we find pictures!!!